BEng (Hons) Chemical -EH220


Programme Details

The Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Chemical is a full time programme designed for students who wish to pursue their study in Degree in Chemical Engineering. This programme starts to take off in UiTM since May 2000. The duration of this programme is four years. The programme is structured in such a way that the courses offered fall into three categories apart from the University requirements. They are the common engineering courses, core chemical engineering courses and a selection of managerial courses.

The programme is spread over eight semesters with total credit hours of 134 to ensure students possess the necessary knowledge, values, skills and competencies before working as chemical engineers. The programme structure in all courses contains lectures, tutorials and practical work laboratories where appropriate and follows the Board of Engineers requirements. Assessment for majority of the courses is based on tests, assignments, mini projects and examinations. The number of students in each class is about 30 to enable an effective teaching/learning process. Besides class-style courses, students are divided into small groups to carry out mini projects. A design project must be carried out by students to equip the students with hands-on experience in real chemical plant design.


Entry Requirements

In general, students with the following qualifications may apply:

1. STPM (Science) HPNG > 2.75
2. Matriculation (Science) HPNG > 2.75
3. Diploma in Chemical Engineering UiTM with HPNG > 2.50
4. Diploma in Chemical Engineering HPNG > 3.0 (from other institutions)

In addition, potential candidates must possess SPM with 5 credits including Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Additional Mathematics with at least a pass in English and MUET Band 1.


Industrial Training

It is a compulsory for all students to undergo industrial training as part of the requirement to graduate. The objective of this training is to expose students to the real working environment in the industries. Students are expected to apply or relate the theoretical learning part with the real environment. Although industrial training is performed at the end of their study, students are also given opportunities to visit the industries in the earlier semester so that they will be exposed to any recent advances in chemical technology parallel to the relevant courses.


Job Opportunities

Chemical Engineers are continuously engaged in assessing and designing new and better processes to meet the demands of modern society and to preserve our environment for future generations. Graduates are expected to work in a vast array of fields in any number of different capacities; oil and gas refineries, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, fertilizers, paints, consultancy and process engineers to name but few. Career opportunities for Chemical Engineers have been and are expected to remain excellent for the foreseeable future.


Contact Us

For more information, please contact:

Dr Ana Najwa Mustapa

Head of Studies Centre (Chemical and Engineering Sciences)

Faculty of Chemical Engineering

UiTM Shah Alam, Selangor

Phone No: +603-5543 6406

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