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Wednesday, 11 March 2009 11:13

Programme Details

Oil and Gas Engineering is a unique programme that combines petroleum, gas and exploration engineering to cater for the ever-demanding oil and gas industry. This programme prepares individuals to apply engineering principles to the design, development and operation of systems for locating, extracting, processing and refining crude petroleum and natural gas, including mining and drilling systems, processing and refining systems and facilities, storage facilities, transportation systems, and related environmental and safety systems.


The courses are conducted via lectures, tutorials and practical work laboratories where appropriate. Assessment for the courses includes tests, quizzes, assignments and examinations. This programme received its pioneer batch of students in July 2008.

Entry Requirements

In general, students with the following qualifications may apply:
1. STPM (Science) HPNG > 2.75
2. Matriculation (Science) HPNG > 2.75
3. Diploma in Chemical Engineering UiTM with HPNG > 2.50
4. Diploma in Chemical Engineering HPNG > 3.0 (from other institutions)

In addition, potential candidates must possess SPM with 5 credits including Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Additional Mathematics with at least pass in English and MUET Band 1.

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities are most plentiful in the oil and gas industry. The Oil and Gas engineer is involved in nearly all phases of the oil and gas production process, from finding the oil through its refinement and distribution. Skills obtained from this programme would enable graduates to carry out tasks such as examining geologic and engineering data to determine sources of crude oil and gas, examining the quality and quantity of the product, separation of crude oil into different elements, and so on.

Graduates will also be able to design and develop the physical plants and carrying out these tasks safely and efficiently. Graduates with an Oil and Gas Engineering degree will work for many multi-national oil and gas companies and they can be specialized as geologist, geophysicist, technologist, drilling engineer, well-log analyst, production engineer, reservoir engineer, facility engineer, chemical engineer and energy economist.

Course Outline

CTU551 Tamadun Islam dan Asia
KKR1 Co Curriculum I
MAT435 Calculus for Engineers
CHE414 Engineering Drawing
CPE435 Process Chemistry
CHE493 Fluid Mechanics
CHE433 Thermodynamics

MEC410 Basic Mechanics
CPE535 Electrical Technology 
CHE495 Hydrocarbon Chemistry
CPE471 Material And Energy Balance  
CPE476 Oil And Gas Laboratory I
MAT455 Further Calculus for Engineers

BKE1 Bahasa Ketiga I
BEL422 Report Writing
KKR3 Co-Curriculum III
CHE515 Instrumental Chemistry for Engineers
CHE463 Heat Transfer
CHE542 Mass Transfer and Unit Operations
CGE526 Petroleum Geology
MAT565 Advanced Differential Equations

BKE2 Bahasa Ketiga II
BEL499 Communication and Interpersonal Skills
CTU553 Ethnic Relations
CGE576 Drilling Engineering
MEC411 Mechanics of Materials
CHE555 Numerical Methods and Optimisation
CGE566 Reservoir Engineering
CGE557 Oil and Gas Laboratory II

CGE610 Economics and Geopolitics of Oil and Gas
CPE615 Process Safety
CGE612 Oil and Gas Laboratory III
ENT600 Technopreneurship
BKE3 Bahasa Ketiga III
Specialization Course I

CGE654 Well Completion
CGE664 Platform, Pipeline & Subsea (Facilities Engineering)
CHE642 Process Control and Instrumentation
CHE680 Leadership And Professional Ethics For Engineers
CHE620 Project Management
CGE674 Formation Evaluation
CHE690 Industrial Training

CGE680 Final Year Project I
CGE670 Materials Aspect for Oil and Gas
CGE600 Reliability Engineering

CGE690 Final Year Project II
CGE655 Sustainable Development
Specialization Course III
Specialization Course IV


CGE616 Enhanced Oil Recovery
CGE626 Reservoir Characterisation
CGE676 Non-conventional Fuels
CGE686 Pollution Control and Waste Management

CGE617 Process Plant Design
CGE667 Gas Process Engineering
CGE657 Gas Field Development Strategies
CGE687 Gas Transmission and Distribution

CGE688 Signals and Systems
CGE658 Seismography
CGE668 Future Trends in Exploration Engineering

Contact Us

For more information, contact

Program Head, EH223

Rohani Bt Mohd Zin
KP EH 223 BEng (Hons) Oil & Gas,
Faculty of Chemical Engineering,
Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM),
40450 Shah Alam, Selangor
Tel : 03-55436347
Fax : 03-55436300

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