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Programme Details

The Asasi Kejuruteraan (formerly known as Pre-Degree Engineering) programme is a full time programme designed for students who wish to pursue their study in any Engineering degree programmes offered by UiTM or other public Institutions of Higher Learning (IPTA).  The Engineering degree programmes available are Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Chemical.  The duration of the Asasi Kejuruteraan programme is spread over two semesters with a total of 38 credit hours to ensure students possess the necessary knowledge, values, skills and competencies to undertake the respective Engineering degree programmes.

The courses are conducted via lectures, tutorials and practical work laboratories where appropriate. Assessment for the courses includes tests, quizzes, assignments and examinations.

Entry Requirements

Candidates who wish to enter this programme must possess the minimum qualifications as follows:
An excellent result in SPM or equivalent achieving at least five A2 grades and a B grade in English Language.
Of the five A2s, two must be from the following subjects: Physics, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Chemistry and the other two subjects must be B4 grades.

Course Outline

    ENG013 Engineering Physics I 
    ENG023 Engineering Chemistry I 
    ENG033 Engineering Mathematics I 
    ENG053 Engineering Computing I  
    ENG041 Introduction to Engineering   
    ENG014 Engineering Physics II
    ENG024 Engineering Chemistry II 
    ENG034 Engineering Mathematics II 
    ENG054 Engineering Computing II  
    ElectiveComponent (Choose one) 
         ADM020 Current Issues in Malaysian
         IMP021 Politics Information Literacy Skills  

Opportunities for Further Studies

On completion of this programme, the students must score a minimum grade of 2.75 CGPA in order to enter into any one of the Engineering Degree programme in UiTM. Apart from achieving a minimum grade of 2.75 CGPA, the student must score at least two (2) B grades and one (1) C grade in the following three subjects:
·         Engineering Mathematics (I & II)
·         Engineering Physics (I & II)
·         Engineering Chemistry (I & II)
Students who do not achieve this minimum requirement shall be channeled to take up any Diploma programme of their own interest. 
Currently this programme is being conducted at UiTM main campus, Shah Alam under the Faculty of Chemical Engineering.

Contact Us

For more information, contact   
Coordinator, Asasi Kejuruteraan                    
Assoc Prof Dr Muhamad Rosli Sulaiman       
Tel:  03 5543 6326, 012 2512 883                
Fax: 03 5543 6300                                   
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


1.  After completing Asasi, can I apply for university other than UiTM?  
    Yes, you can.
2.  After completing Asasi, can I pursue programme other than Chemical Engineering?  
    Yes, you can.

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